Blogging is a popular way to make money online. In this post, we’ll show you how to make money with chatgpt and other ai content creation tools to generate content in 2023.

How to make Money Online With Chat GPT in 2023? 

Ever since Chatgpt has arrive, everyone is looking for a way to monetise on this new technology. One of the most immediate ways of making money, such as content creation and blogging, has seen the most impact. If you’re looking for more ways to use this ai bot to earn profit, keep reading to find out.  

What are potential uses of ChatGPT in Blogging?

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, there are many great examples of ChatGPT being used and monetized. This ai model is a large language model built on a wide corpus of information.  From helping code new apps to writing social media posts, and even to generating ideas and business models, ChatGPT is a powerful tool for entrepreneurship and creativity if used correctly. 

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll be showing you exactly how to use this ai chatbot gem from Openai in your content assembly line. 

Idea 1: Create High-Value Content Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT

What’s most impressive is how chatgpt can create human-like content for blogs and video content. You can simply ask chatgpt to write blog sections, podcast script, sales copy, youtube titles and descriptions and much more based on your target customer or product. If you’re writing for an e-Commerce product page, you can use ChatGPT to help you write SEO optimised product descriptions. 

Idea 2- Customer Persona Mapping and Value Creation Mud-map 

While ChatGPT’s corpus of knowledge is wide, do not expect it to go into depth, and for it to be incorrect. However,  you can still use it to help you craft a customer persona. As a Pre-step for Idea 1, you can feed the Chatbot information from third party reports about your customer segment and get ChatGPT to craft a persona for your reference. You can then ask the Chat bot to write content based on the given customer profile. 

Idea 3- Polishing up your knowledge

If you’re going to create content for a client in an industry you’ve never been in, you can use chat gpt to access new insights and knowledge about this new field. If you’re a freelance marketer, with the advent of technology and artificial intelligence, it’s easy to become lazy and not think about getting to know and understand a field that you’re marketing into. Chatgpt can be used instead to create a summary of a particular field, and then you can drill down into the area of interest or focus fro your marketing activities. 

Tips for Making Money with ChatGPT

It’s all about the Prompts! 

ChatGPT can help you if you give it the right prompts and ask the right questions. The more detailed it is, the better detailed the outcome will be. Look for ways to prime your version of Chatgpt to be best optimised for the task at hand. A few of the most useful chatgpt prompts for content creation I find most useful are: 

  • Expand on these points 
  • Assume you are (persona), what words will catch your attention for (XYZ product) 
  • summarise into a (1000) word blog/podcast script/ video script 
  • Translate this into (XYZ language) 
  • Please write a (800) word blog post/ 150 word Facebook post for (Persona details)
  • Based on this information, list (7 Tips/Steps/etc) the reader can use/take 

ChatGPT works best with other tools and human input 

As it stands in 2023, ChatGPT does well with clearly written prompts and parameters. As I mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence can almost be described as if it’s a very smart 9 year old child or highschooler with a wide knowledge base, but lacking in maturity to make a decision, or lacking depth of knowledge. ChatGPT may require the assistance of human input into their written content to improve the output. 

Benefits of ChatGPT and where it excels

Short-written content  

ChatGPT’s language model is a powerful tool to write high-quality content for short bursts of content, such as product description, individual blog post sections, search-engine optimised Meta Titles and Descriptions, and social media posts to promote your blog post. 

Outline for content and drafting

Before you write a blog post, you could use chatgpt to help you construct the outline of the post. Like with any professional service, you’d give the outline or draft to a client to see if it’s something they like before you go into production. That process is still necessary, but the process is much faster – making it also faster for you as a way to earn money as a freelance content writer. 

Provides a great starting point 

Limitations of ChatGPT and where it need improvement

Remember to Fact Check 

Currently ChatGPT’s is trained on a fixed amount of general knowledge that’s most recent up to 2021. Do expect yourself to be doing google searches and checking with your facts. Especially if you’re writing for the legal, insurance, or medical space, you’re obligated to check with the experts as you write articles. 

Earn Money With ChatGPT and these other useful  AI Technology Tools for Blog and Content Creation  

While Chat GPT can function on it’s own, you’ll need to use other tools to enhance the content that comes out. Before ChatGPT, there are hundreds of other AI writing tools, so do expect google and bing to be changing up their algorithms to scan for content 

Learn how to use AI as one of many tools in your content creation process, and to create value for yourself and your client. 

Here are a few other ai tools content creators and affiliate marketers also use in conjunction with ChatGPT. 






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