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Is Writerzen the best SEMRush alternative tool?

I’ve just found the best SEMRush alternative! Writerzen has entered the SEO Tools ring, and it’s bringing something incredible to the world of content marketing. If you want to build organic traffic, domain authority, or grow your blogging business, this tool is a must-have for you. In this post, I will be reviewing one of the latest semrush competitors in the market called Writerzen. Read on to find out if SEMrush is better than Writerzen.
Current alternatives for semrush
We probably all have heard of SEMRush, Moz, Spyfu, and Ahrefs. These are the most well known and recommended to those who want to get their fingers dirty with content marketing, but often times, it’s too over-priced, too complicated to use, or the ROI is too slow.

Your staff may have just rage-quit from these frustrations (on top of learning about SEO and SEM!)


But after a long search, I’ve finally found an alternative seo tool that is not only easy to use and within your budget, but it has a few features that will change the way you do your SEO work before you get into the blogging. You are going to love this SEMrush competitor.


Writerzen: The best alternative to SEMRush

Writerzen is a blogging tool that assists with the difficulty of writing SEO-optimized blog posts. It generates ideas optimized blog posts; analyzes your keywords, and gets you on the right topic to help you rank in Google. When you are getting into Content Marketing, you need to know what your customers are looking for, who your competitors are (and what they are doing), and how to create the content that creates value (and converts).

Their tool is broken down into three sections: Keyword Explorer, Topic Discovery, and Content Creator


writerzen dashboard


Keyword Explorer

For your keyword search, you’re given the typical tools, such as search volume data, keyword planner, and keyword clusters. But what they do bring to the table is a new measurement – the Keyword Golden Ratio. This proprietary measurement helps bloggers uncover areas of the market where there is little competiton or coverage that you can take advantage of.
You can also do a zoom-in on the exact pages that are ranking for those particular keywords (there’s also a sneaky copy-to-editor mode that you can use to flesh out your posts in a similar fashion.)

Topic Discovery

It shows you all the results, while showing you competitor content on Google. When you are doing your content marketing, you need to discover how your customers are researching into your particular product or topic. You can also observe what your competitors are or are not doing, so you can capitalise on that opportunity.
If you want to build your domain authority, it’s best to know what customers are seeking advice for, and target those questions that are being searched for. I bet you can answer the question better than your competitors!

The Topic Discovery and Keyword Explorer modules are driven by Google and Ahref’s Data. You are getting the latest insight into the topic conversation from other bloggers and competitors. Plus, you are uncovering  keywords your audience is actively searching with.
After doing both your topic and keyword research, it’s time to have fun with the blogging.

Content Creator

The SEO-guided Content Creator brings blog posts to the next level. The application destroys the writer’s block with the keywords collected from the keyword planner and topic keyword search to create content ideas that’s a winner for the readers and for Google.


Final Verdict of Writerzen Review

Writerzen is a perfect SEO tool and Keyword Planner for getting into the content marketing space, but it can also be used for running paid search ads. However, I would not use this tool alone when I am crafting out my blog posts or any other content. Another tool I use is, which is similar to Grammarly, but for SEO blog post ranking. I would use this purely for a second-eye to check on the SEO performance of my post.
But overall, this is a fantastic product for those working on their content marketing. In fact, it’s getting a lot of warm attention from G2 and Capiterra!

If you want to get a more detailed look, check out writerzen tutorial here

There’s a few new things on Writerzen roadmap, including competitor analysis, Keyword grouping by Intent, and adding team members.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Writerzen – the Best SEMRush Alternative for Content Marketing today!

Check them out n

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